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We have already trained many professionals who have earned their APM certification and became successful in project management roles. Reinforce your knowledge of successfully implementing project management techniques, and validate your expertise with our quality and excellent APM training.


Introduction to APM Certification Training

APM certification is the world-renowned standard for growing and proving proposal management competency. It consists of four qualifications: APM PMQ, APM Introductory Certificate PFQ, APM Project Professional Qualification PPQ, and APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners. It is a globally recognised certification programme for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. These certification courses are specially designed to enhance individuals' skills and knowledge to help organisations with leadership and direction for their projects, a proper plan for executing strategic goals, realistic project planning, and more. It supercharges project leaders' careers across various industries and helps organisations find the right people they need to work smarter and perform better. These certification courses also include exams. Our professional trainers will help you certify your acquired knowledge by passing the exam on the very 1st attempt.


What Will I Learn?

During this training, you will learn fundamental to advance concepts to get in-depth knowledge about why project management is important for your organisation and how to implement a plan, organise, and manage a successful project. Further, you will learn:

  • How to bring leadership and direction to projects.
  • How to make sure proper plans for executing strategic goals.
  • What can be delivered, by when, and for how much.
  • How to set the quality of whatever is being delivered consistently hits the mark.
  • How to ensure that risks are properly managed and mitigated to avoid becoming issues.
  • How to ensure that proper project process is followed throughout the project lifecycle.

Course Catalogue

We provide an extensive range of accredited course catalogues to improve skills and current practices knowledge of professionals attending our certification programmes from a wide range of industries and sectors. Our experts and dedicated staff work continuously to ensure the best training programmes and pleasant learning experiences.



APM PMQ Overview

The APM is the globally recognised certification among professionals in proposal, bid, and capture management. APM PMQ is recognised both nationally and internationally as a premier project management qualification and the perfect indication of Project Management competency. This training will ensure that you hold the in-depth knowledge required to have confidence in approaching the management of large or small projects. This training is specially designed to help you understand how project management elements interact and how your project fits into your strategic and commercial environments. Attaining the APM Project Management Qualification provides opportunities to enhance your career and pass the APM PMQ exam on the first attempt.


Accredited: Yes

Duration: 5 Day

All Delivery Method: Available

Exam Included: Yes

APM Introductory Certificate PFQ


APM Introductory Certificate PFQ Overview

The APM Introductory Certificate PFQ is a globally recognised certification. It is an introductory course specifically designed for learners who are looking to launch their project management careers. This training offers a fundamental base for project management terminology, and it serves as a foundation for further APM training and certification. Further, modules of this course are curated to provide learners with a broad understanding of the principles of the project management profession, key aspects of a project, and the importance of their role within it. This training course will provide you with a broad understanding of the principles of the APM PFQ profession and pass the exam on the first attempt.


Accredited: Yes

Duration: 2 Days

All Delivery Method: Available

Exam Included: Yes

APM Project Professional Qualification PPQ


APM Project Professional Qualification PPQ Overview

The APM Project Professional Qualification evaluates skill in delivering projects and is APM's most comprehensive appraisal of professional project management ability, including the crucial and particular competencies needed over each domain of project management. This training is designed to allow learners to demonstrate their comprehensive capabilities in delivering projects, programmes, and portfolios. This training covers core and specific competencies required of project professionals, providing a comprehensive assessment of project management skills, knowledge and experience. This APM Project Professional Qualification PPQ certification course also include exams, and our highly experienced trainers who have years of experience in teaching certification courses will help you pass the exam.


Accredited: Yes

Duration: 2 Days

All Delivery Method: Available

Exam Included: Yes

APM PMQ for PRINCE2® Practitioners


APM PMQ for PRINCE2® Practitioners Overview

APM PMQ for PRINCE2® Practitioners certification course is designed to provide individuals with knowledge of business processes and lifecycle models for projects and project management and enhances their knowledge gained from PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification demonstrates a thorough understanding of project management's principles and applying those principles to any project. This training course will provide learners with the required knowledge to use critical path analysis techniques, manage resource conflicts, use a systematic approach to analyse and plan a project. Our highly experienced trainers who have years of experience in teaching certification courses will help you pass the exam.


Accredited: Yes

Duration: 4 Days

All Delivery Method: Available

Exam Included: Yes

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APM Certification Training Benefits


Business Benefits of Choosing Onsite Training Delivery

Onsite Training mode allows organisations to train their employees cost-effectively and productively at the place, time, and environment of their choice without upsetting employee's comfort to enhance their skills within their familiar surroundings while maintaining their comfort. Our onsite training programmes are tailored and focused on corporates’ requirements and fulfilling their training needs. Some of the onsite training benefits for businesses are as follows:

  • Maximises Training Budget
  • Employee Progress can be Monitored
  • Business Tailored Learning Experience
  • Provides Team Building Opportunity
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Onsite Training Benefits

  • courseBusiness Oriented Courses
  • courseDistinctive Quality Courses
  • courseSkilled Instructors
  • courseLocation of Your Choice
  • courseCost-Effective

Industry Growth after Onsite Training

Motivation Increased


Productivity Enhanced


Sales Growth


Employee Retention


Performance Inclined


Employer satisfaction


Available Modes to Provide Training

We are world-renowned for providing excellent training programmes to professionals and learners with our exceptional training delivery methods. Our course delivery methods are highly scalable and acceptable globally by professionals and businesses.

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